Friendship Tournaments

Partner with the City of Destiny Classic, the Northwest's Premier Martial Arts Tournament to host a Friendship Tournament in your school or facility!


Friendship Tournaments are a fun, low cost, small scale, quick running intra-school event for your first timer students and those who just want to tune up their skills.

We recommend that you separate the first timers and less experienced from the seasoned, more experienced students to promote a more positive and rewarding experience!

Keep your event fun & easy by limiting the amount of events to Forms & Sparring for all, Flag Sparring for the younger kids, and Weapons for the older Students.

Friendship Tournaments are a great way to host a fundraiser for your school, demo or tournament team, or just being able to buy that much needed equipment to help grow your school!

Make it a local community event to showcase your school and attract new students! It’s a great time to have your demo team and your students provide some entertainment and show off a little with a demonstration of their skills!

You can also develop community by opening your event to other martial arts schools! 


Your participants are divided into small groups of four for every division! Everyone is guaranteed at least 2 matches and the opportunity to earn an award!

Participants sign up by age & rank. Match up your groupings by age, rank, & experience or other factors which may be appropriate.

Schedule your events by age groups to help run your event more easily and efficiently.

Recommended Age Groupings: 9 & under; 10-13; 14-17; 18 & Older 


Friendship Tournaments are a great way to provide community within your school and to have your students and parents learn about the inner workings of a martial arts tournament.

  • Promotion of your event on the City of Destiny Classic FaceBook page (over 1.5k avg views/mo!) and the City of Destiny Classic website.
  • Assist with the entire tournament process as needed.
  • Training for Scorekeepers, Timekeepers, Coordinators, and Officials (open to students & parents)
  • Purchase only the amount of medals needed for your event (you buy the inserts, we provide the medal blanks and neck ribbons for $1.50 each - 4 per division x number of divisions = total medals)
  • On-Line registration (optional)
  • Create your tournament brochure (optional)
  • Or anything else we can help to make your event a success!


Contact us to schedule a time to help plan and discuss the best date for your event.

if you’re ready or just want to discuss how to host, give us a call!

David Carman - (253) 229-7923 -

Mike Shintaku - (206) 665-4947 -

Event Brochures

Downloadable Friendship Tournament brochures.

Click the buttons below to download a tournament brochure.

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