City of Destiny Classic
Martial Arts Tournament

Welcome to the City Of Destiny Classic!​

The Classic is dedicated to the preservation of top quality martial arts competition in the Pacific Northwest. Tacoma, WA, the "City of Destiny", is also the home of the City of Destiny Classic Martial Arts Tournament located in the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. 

With 8 competition rings the Classic is sure to be a non-stop action packed event. Be a part of a tradition destined to last for years to come!

USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards
The USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame awards is coming to the Classic! Join us Saturday night during out Finals show for awesome demos, exciting Grand Championship competition, and recognition of some of the Northwest's Best Martial Artists!

​One Day, Two Great Martial Art Events!

See you at the Classic and USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame!

Your Hosts

Mike Shintaku

David Carman

Jim Thomas​

experience the classic

Forms Players


"Perfection in Motion" is the Forms Competition!

​Watch in awe as Players perform with sharp precision executing sky high kicks, powerful punches, and amazing aerials!

Weapons Player


Add a Bo, Sai, or Nunchaku and you have the Weapons Competition!

Watch these awesome martial athletes effortlessly manipulate these ancient traditional weapons 

Sparring Players


The Kumite is the action packed event of any tournament.

See the Northwest's Best fight with ferocity and tenacity with their eyes on the prize!

USA Martial arts hall of fame

The USA Martial Arts ‘Hall of Fame’ “Hall of Heroes” was originally created in ‘1976’. This was the creation of Grand Master Robert Trias to recognize hard working martial artists at all levels.

The format is designed for those Martial Artist who live, eat, and dream of the Arts and those people do deserve a place in our Martial Arts history. 

We are officially going into our 43rd Year in 2019! The USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame is a dynamic network of martial artists who have EARNED their place in Martial Arts History!

You will find that The USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame is a non-political group that prides itself on being open to all styles and ranks of martial arts.

Martial Arts is our way of life, Keep on Kickin… Jim Thomas 

USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Logo

USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Logo


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